Amiga World (March/April 1986)

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Amiga World was probably the most popular Amiga magazine in the U.S. The March/April 1986 issue was the second publicly available issue and includes:


  • Interactive Videodisc Technology - The laser disc and the Amiga are about to join forces and a new world of interactive video computing will be upon us.

  • VIVA from Knowledge - Creating interactive video software on the Amiga with the VIVA authoring program.

  • Success Story: A-Squared Systems and the Amiga Digitizer - How a small group of people with an idea developed Live!, the Amiga video digitizer.

  • Optical Revolution - There is more than music going on in the world of the compact disk.


  • Basic Graphics - Show off a little with these ABasiC graphics teasers.

  • Programming on the Amiga: MCC Pascal - Here we take a look at one of the most popular programming languages - MCC Pascal for the Amiga.

  • CD-ROM: The Future of Memory? - Megabytes and gigabytes...CD-ROM is going to change the way we think about memory.

  • Amiga Music Studio - Mimetics Inc. is working on a series of music modules for assembling Amiga arias.


  • Avision - Bringing all the pieces together.

  • Zeitgeist - How much is a gigabyte anyway?

  • Reviews - Deluxe Paint from Electronic Arts, The Video RoomMate Powered Speaker System from Bose and MaxiComm from MaxiSoft.


  • Repartee - More letters from readers.

  • Digital Canvas - Selected Amiga art from selected Amiga artists.

  • What's New? - Flashes from the front lines in the Amiga product wars.

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