Amiga Shopper (May 1991)

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Amiga Shopper is a magazine dedicated to the Amiga that was popular in the U.K. in the 1990s. The May 1991 issue includes:


  • Hard Drives on Trial - Check out our comprehensive survey of hard disk drives for both the A500 and A2000.
  • Expansion Modules - Does your 500 need expanding to fit more in?
  • What is SCSI? - Just what is this 'scuzzy' business all about anyway? All is revealed in this informative guide.
  • Hardware Project - You can stop that annoying disk drive clicking with this easy-to-build hardware project.


  • Professional page 2 - The full low-down on the hottest new DTP program.
  • Simpatica - A production tool that could transform your videos.
  • Contriver Mouse - Is this the brand new mouse for you?
  • DAATAMouse - ...or should you be going for this one?
  • Big Alternative Scroller - Can this simple software satisfy your titling needs?


  • C Programming
  • Assembly Language


  • News - Show reports, opinions, launches and revelations.
  • Amiga Answers - All your prayers answered and problems solved by our team of experts who will tackle anything.
  • Desktop Publishing - In-depth review of Pro Page 2 from Gold Disk.
  • Video - Reviews of Simpatica and the VideoMaster.
  • Graphics - All you need to know about the Animation Studio.
  • Comms - Is CIX the on-line service you just have to log on to?
  • Music - Get to grips with MIDI and travel to Frankfurt.
  • Business - In-depth review of Advantage and an update on the whereabouts of K-Spread 4.
  • Education - A mum's view of the world of educational software.
  • Subscriptions - Make sure you get your Amiga Shopper every month.

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So, computer magazines once had actual coding tips?

Not only that, some of them even had whole programs to type the days before the internet of course.

I was watching a retro computer review a while back, maybe a Commodore 64, and the reviewer showed the manual that came with the machine included coding tutorials.