Amiga Computing (June 1988)

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Amiga Computing was one of a number of Amiga specific magazines published in the U.K. the first issue from June 1988 includes:

Amiga Scene

  • Latest News - Commodore announces details of new machines. Better graphics for 2000s. New games on the way. And all the Amiga gossip from around the world.


  • New Amigas Revealed - Commodore took part in a conference to make sure that developers keep on the programming straight and narrow - and unveiled its exciting plans.


  • Amiga Adventures - Let David Ericsson take you into the land of the Bard's Tale with great advice to newcomers for the role-playing game from Electronic Arts.


  • Win An Amiga And Software - Scour the magazine for the missing lines to qualify for one of over 170 prizes ranging from a game to an Amiga.


  • Word Perfect - The word processor which toppled WordStar as the world's best selling program is even better now it has been made available for the Amiga.
  • Superbase Professional - A database program which is as easy to use as a video recorder and flexible enough to store text, graphics and sounds without breaking the bank.

House Call

  • J. San and the Argonauts - Argonaut Software is famous for Starglider. Now the Egrons strike back. Simon Rackman finds out the company's plans for the future.


  • Musical Machinations - The Amiga makes far better sounds than any other micro. Christopher Humphries explains how it works without straining the processor.


  • Camera Comrade - High speed frame grabbing, cut in price by clever hardware design and made easy with well written software. Well worth taking a close look at.


  • Max Toy Speaks - Max Toy left IBM to become the President of Commodore. His aim: To make the Amiga number one. Him Groneke listened and took notes.


  • Test Drive - Lamborghini or Ferrari? Lotus or Porsche? Corvette - are you joking? David Vivian has driven the real machines. Now he tests the game.


  • Amiga Arcade - Our fearless reviewers put seven games under the microscope: Xenon, Tetris, Sidewinder, Gee Bee Air Rally, Arkanoid, Star Wars and Bonecrusher.

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