Ahoy!'s AmigaUser (August 1988)

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Ahoy!'s AmigaUser is a spinoff of Ahoy! which was originally a magazine for Commodore 8-bit users. AmigaUser of course covers the Amiga. AmigaUser only lasted a couple of years. The August 1988 issue includes:


  • View from the Bridge - Ahoy!'s AmigaUser expands to 8 issues a year. Thanks for making it necessary!
  • Scuttlebutt - What's coming for your Amiga in the months ahead? You'll read it here first!
  • Entertainment Software Section - Buying a game shouldn't be a game of chance. Our reviews improve your odds.


  • Amiga Toolbox - Programming and hardware hints that hit the nail on the head.
  • Exec File - Turn your Amiga into a capitalist tool with the right business software.


  • Speech Set - Looking for a particular voice? This type-in program will help you find it.
  • Video Digitizes and Frame Grabbers - Your Amiga can have eyes of its own thanks to three new peripherals.

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