Ahoy! (March 1984)

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Cover of the March 1984 issue of Ahoy!

Ahoy! was a Commodore specific magazine that covered a number of Commodore computers over the years. In 1984 it was covering the then new Commodore 64 and the VIC-20. Contents of the March 1984 issue include:


  • A View from the Bridge - An introduction to Ahoy! (this was only the third issue) and an overview of what is inside.

  • Editorial - Raymond Z. Gallun writes about the future of computers, artificial intelligence and more.

  • Scuttlebutt - The latest Commodore news, including: and update on the Koala Pad; new music software for the Commodore 64 including MusicCalc 1 (synthesizer and sequencer), MusicCalc 2 (score writer), MusicCalc 3 (keyboard maker), and Studio 64 (described as a "music word processor"); the introduction of the Commodore 264 series (Commodore 16, Plus/4)...these were originally inteded to replace both the VIC-20 and the Commodore 64; the Magic Voice speech module along with software that supports it; 3-Plus-1 word processor/spreadsheet/file manager/businesss graphics software; Commodore LOGO; Magic Desk II; Superscript 264; Easycalc 64 and Easycalc 264; B/Graph; Financial Advisor; Teligraphics; International Soccer; Viduzzles; Jack Attack and more new software; Tramiel resigns from Commodore; and much more.

  • The Rupert Report - Computers and logic.

  • Reviews
    • Master Type - A game from Broderbund to teach you typing for the VIC-20
    • Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom - a 3D arcade game from Sega for the VIC-20 and Commodore 64
    • Wavy Navy - A Space Invaders type game with a nautical theme from Sirius Software for the Commodore 64
    • Enchanter - The latest piece of interactive fiction from Infocom for the Commodore 64
    • Bible Baseball - Play baseball via multiple choice questions about the Bible. From Davka for the C64.
    • Lode Runner - Classic action game from Broderbund for the Commodore 64 and VIC-20
    • Congo Bongo - Conversion of the Sega arcade game for the Commodore 64 and VIC-20
    • Wayout - A 3D maze game from Sirius Software for the Commodore 64
    • Computer War - A game for the VIC-20 from Thorn EMI Software that is based on the movie WarGames
    • DTL BASIC 64 - An expanded compiled BASIC for the Commodore 64
    • Analogies - Educational software from PDI for the Commodore 64
    • Nukewar - A strategy war game from Avalon Hill for the Commodore 64 and VIC-20

Table of Contents from the March 1984 issue of Ahoy!


  • Anatomy of the Commodore 64 - A detailed look at the hardware of the Commodore 64, inside and out.

  • Printer Interfacing for the 64 & VIC - This article details the options for connecting printers to the Commodore 64 and VIC-20, including available RS-232 interfaces.

  • Beyond the Golden Gateway - The prospects for biological based microchips in the near future.


  • Space Lanes - Pilot your spaceship through a maze avoiding obstacles and destroying enemies in this type-in game for the both the VIC-20 and Commodore 64.

  • Random Files on the C-64 - A guide to using random files on the Commodore 64 and 1541 disk drive with code examples.

  • Easy Access Address Book - A type-in program that gives you an electronic address book for your Commodore 64.

Back cover of the March 1984 issue of Ahoy!

Read more: https://www.megalextoria.com/wordpress/index.php/2017/09/25/ahoy-march-1984/


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