Commodore World – Issue Number 24

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The news magazine for Commodore 64 & 128 Users


Commodore World was a magazine for the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 that was published by Creative Micro Designs after the demise of Commodore and production of Commodore computers had ceased. It’s pretty impressive how much support existed for the Commodore 64 long after it was gone from retail shelves (and even today). But it was, after all, the best selling computer of all time.

This issue is from October 1998 and includes the following:


  • CMD FD Internals - An Insight Into The Storage Layout Of CMD FD Disks
  • Super FD Backup (Type-In Program)


  • Software: Laser Lover’s Disk: A New Toolkit for Postscript Printing with GEOS


  • Carrier Detect: A Sense of Community
  • 816 Beat: New Commands Provided by the 65816 Processor

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