Science and the endeavour of Truth™

in #research2 years ago


Most people have a magical view of scientists. That they go into a room, look at the evidence and emerge and tell us the Truth™; The reality is that each scientist favours his/her hypothesis and also undermines those hypotheses they do not support. Which is fine. I am not saying this is bad. But we should realise that science, like all human endeavours, if fraught with uncertainty and competition. And the latter is good. But giving the dominant hypothesis some sort of magical position is dubious and even destructive. There are numerous examples where scientists have bucked the default beliefs and been right.

And the idea of setting up society to be run by science is a monstrous proposal. The Nazi's did precisely that and their beliefs came from the United States and our completely bullshit "science" of eugenics. Anyone who favours the rule of "scientists" should almost surely be dragged out behind the "chemical sheds and shot."

Science is not about objective Truth™ anymore than any other human endeavour is about objective Truth™. It is all relative. And as time goes on we'll gain greater insight and a better understanding of what has happened. And even then, such "truths" will be filtered through the lenses and preferences of those who are doing the research.

This is one of the things that so frustrates me so about those who want to invoke "science". They pretend it is not a human endeavour and thus susceptible to the same human short comings other endeavours are subject too. Such people need to be shown the error of their thinking and yes, quite possibly in a humiliating manner so that they really learn the lesson.