Setting activities for palm fiber contactor (FAD fiber atractor FAD)

in research •  2 months ago 

We are the Fiber Palm Fish Aggregating Device Team Setting activities for palm fiber contactor (FAD fiber-atrractor FAD) group which is part of the university collaboration research (PKPT) between #fpikutu and #FPIKIPB Location of FAD settings is in the waters of Aceh Jaya Regency @fpik_ipbro245ijgoe.jpgz05fytsq7i.jpgwi7z7ttj2y.jpgqf879ruevl.jpg #universitasteukuumar #aceh #indonesia #fishingtechnology

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it's good to keep on working and share messages so that it will benefit many people

thank you for the advice and input ... I will try to share information.