Vote for God

in #religion3 months ago

I have never voted in my life even though I have encouraged others to vote.

I figured it was worse if people thought they didn't have a voice at all, so though I knew at this point voting is probably just a show, I still encouraged it as if it could be good for something.

When the media spoke of an emergency, I knew deep inside there was no emergency and didn't say anything because I didn't want to be targeted... several false emergencies and several times I've remained quiet.

And I guess part of the reason is because I didn't think people would believe me, why would they?

Then, when I saw that the world had gone mad in fear and liberties were being removed in panic, I tried seeking refuge in the machine as if I didn't know better... as if I didn't know that no one can count on it.

My last hope was the transparency of blockchain but that too is slowly being turned into its opposite.

I was ready to sell my conscious because I didn't think I could get help elsewhere and I have a large family that depends on my productivity.

But then God took mercy on me and made his presence known, now I only fear and try to serve our lord and creator, the only one.

What will happen to me? I don't know. I'll probably just fade into the background to lead as simple of a life as possible until the final day. Or maybe god will ask me to get involved in politics for real, which is the exact opposite of what I'm trying to do...but I would have no choice in the matter.

I do want to say... I'd never commit suicide. I also wouldn't harm anyone, why would I if I believe god can do justice by them without my intervention?

Compared to others, compared to the average person, I am new-born type of innocent. I have worked very hard to do good by others and avoid wrongdoing... but the reality is I could have done more and I didn't because I wanted to hold on to this life and its comforts.


God has no partners, no children, no associates. God is one and the only one worthy of worship. God has the best plans.