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It can be deduced from Mordecai's charge to Esther to open her understanding to the significance of the time they lived in. This was very crucial as there is a propensity for Queen Esther to be carried away by the exuberance in Shushan, the palace. Notably, Esther was strategically placed in the palace by God for the peculiarity of the time she lived in. The same is true for Daniel and his three friends (Anaiah, Mishael and Azariah) who were divinely promoted for such a time as that.


It is not an accident that you are alive in such a time as this.
Please ask yourself, If Jesus was living at a time as this what would He do? This is a time to understand the intention of God for your life.

Therefore, this is not a time to participate in unproductive engagements that may weaken your ability to see what God has in stock for you. This is not the first time a pandemic will lead to a turn in events, although this is the first time it is happening at a global level since the advent of globalization.

Scriptures provide us with examples of the men of Issachar who understood the times they lived in and that translated to their emergence as notable leaders in the nation of Israel.

It is time to put pen to paper in response to the divine ideas from heaven.

Build spiritual capacity:
It is a time of deep intimacy with God.
Stepping into ancient realities that will change the dynamics of your ministration in the order of what Moses stepped into in Exodus 34:28.

I need to state here that this is not the exclusive reserve of the workers only. We are all co-labourers with God in His household.
There are individuals who were never part of the active workforce but we're all battle axes in the hands of the almighty in the place of their assignment.

This season provides you with the opportunity to reflect on the frictions in your life, family and immediate environment and provide solutions to it.

Remember Joseph in Egypt, he did not whine and wail about the pressing challenges rather he opted to solve problems.

In conclusion, the happenings of this season are precursors to the end of age.

The question is, are you prepared?