No hell, no paradise, no resurrection, no rebirth, not even karma.

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I grew up in by far the most godless area in the world. In my home country, only 8% of the population believes in any kind of God.
You have all heard the name of this country.
What is it called?


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yes, you are right, Sir,
I am sorry
I did wrong

it never will happen again,
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Only 8%, really? I did not think there was such a place. Even Russia and China, which are nominally atheist countries. I feel safe in guessing it is not China. Maybe one of the other former countries of the Soviet Union? I notice you write in German, but I can't believe East Germany ever reached such a high level of atheism. This is really bugging me, I will be curious to find out the answer.

It's east Germany.The most godless place in the world.
The 8 percent already include those who go to church at the end of their lives just so that they have contact with other people.
I have met only one believing family here in my entire life ... and that was Jehovah's Witnesses.

I am a little surprised. I assumed that East Germany was fairly religious before the occupation by the Soviet Union and I thought it would return after it was freed.

Why would people do that?
Religion has always been an instrument of domination in Europe. The secular authorities keep people down and busy, the churches taught that this is the only possible way to be allowed to live.

The communist doctrine has done the same, the only difference being that paradise appears later, but not after death. Marx just did not plan for the long term like the 12 apostles.

But paradise did not come, on the contrary, not even socialism triumphed as promised.

Why should people now run after other people with similar promises but the same claims to power?

God is dead in East Germany and he will not rise again. It may be that he will be brought in again, through migration and through networks. But these are also different gods that are coming. And the worldly authorities no longer need him. It also has new gods. These are called climate change, sustainability, diversity and anti-younameit. In terms of systematics, they are exactly the same as the old religions or what is understood by communism.
They all preach the same thing.
"Do not think for yourself, everything is thought through to the end by the authorities.
"Do what the authorities say, otherwise you will be expelled".
"There is only one right way to live and that is our way".

Nothing has changed, not with Jesus or Mohamed, not with Marx or Mao and not with Al Gore and St. Greta.
It was and always is a kind of collectivism. A man counts for nothing, the collective, led by the authorities, is infallible.

But whoever has experienced how a god falls and perishes no longer believes in the infallibility and immortality of other gods.

Why would people do that?

I think the root of most religious belief is that people want to be believe that death is not an end, so they create religious theories that their essential essence will go on in some form (heaven, reincarnation, as part of some universal soul, etc). There's no doubt that this belief is often taken advantage of by secular and religious leaders, but I think it is more like how con artists find their best targets in people looking for easy money. They don't create the desire, but they take advantage of it.

But that is why I'm a little surprised. In the absence of a regional religion, I think new ones will often spring up to meet that desire for eternal life.

People do not want to believe such things, they have been taught that they have to believe that. They have been beaten into believing that. The concept of rebirth, heaven or hell, climate catastrophe or green paradise, servitude or communism, is the central dogma for lifelong submission.
Anyone who doubts this dogma because:

  • he wants to live well in the now and does not want to renounce so that it is better for him sometimes and somewhere
  • he doesn't care because he can't remember his previous life
  • does not want to live in the dirt today in order to sit on a cloud in heaven.
  • Today does not want to freeze or to do without luxury so that his grandchildren can fly cars over green meadows.

is a heretic, is ostracized, tarred and feathered, then quartered and burned, starved and expelled.
In every variety of collectivism.
They are simple concepts of subjugation with a reward that cannot be verified or even allowed to be verified.

"But that is why I'm a little surprised. In the absence of a regional religion, I think new ones will often spring up to meet that desire for eternal life."

I am not surprised. The communism god is dead and with him his promised paradise, when all are communists and nobody wants more than the collective can or wants to distribute.

With it also the concept of the punishment, the hell, the damnation is dead.
People just live in the here and now and enjoy it.
They ignore everyone who wants to take this good life away from them, so that they can enjoy it in the next life, in a distant future, if they are good and do what the new Messiah demands.
It is over.

The roots of all religions lay and lie in the limitation of knowledge.
-Thor has served his time, one knows about the mechanisms of lightning and thunder

  • one knows that clouds are not a paradisiacal playground for eternities.
  • can reproduce human brain functions, incl. soul
  • one can create life, completely new species
  • one can create a world or let it perish at any time

God is superfluous

And very personal:
I (56y) am still baptized, my younger siblings are not.
At my 2nd wedding, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I had the choice to marry in the church or only in the registry office.
For a church wedding, I would have had to pay first for my confirmation, then the church taxes retroactively and then again for the wedding.
I learned one thing in the process:
I don't know if God loves me, but He has proven one thing to me, He is damn greedy for money.

And by the way, even in the West of Germany only 50% still believe in God, strongly decreasing.

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yes, you are right, Sir,
I am sorry
I did wrong

it never will happen again,
I promise.
Please vote me down.
I have earned it.

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