The Innovative Bread Maker Robot"Breadbot"

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It is an American robot machine that is designed to mix, form, proof and bake loaves of bread from scratch. It makes one loaf of bread in 90 minutes but according to company,it can make 10 loaves of bread per hour because the machine works on multiple types of bread at the same time like white, whole wheat, nine grain,sourdough, and honey oat.
For Purchase purpose:
It can be placed in food places and supermarkets where it ,d be easy for people to watch the bread making process before its purchase. Best Feature:
Draw of fresh loaf of bread and its looking, well defined and beautiful, will cause to attract onlookers and customers for purchase. [Source]![CDF726FF-A514-46DC-8EAD-6CDE07BCF8A1_w640_h360_s.jpg(). [Source](bbside.jpeg
According to me, it ,d be very difficult for the company to sell out such a machine if it does not improve the timing of making of loaf of bread. That is why I suggest to the company to do more work on it for time improvement and performance. [Source] (