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Good morning, dear friends, today you will be introduced Nanotechnology of the jonDe tech thermopile. This is the best product which will help you to measure both thermal radiation and heat flux because of following features:
1: Thickness of the sensor is only 0.17 mm, robust and bendable.
2: The sensors can be surface mounted to most PCBs.
3: The sensor can be used to measure both thermal radiation and heat flux.
4: Standard module dimensions are 3×3 mm (JIRS3).
5: It can be manufactured in any desirable shape
6: Specific detectivity in the range of
7: Voltage response to irradiance for 3×3 mm sensor area:
8: Arrays of sensors can be mounted side-by-side on a PCB to create the required detector area. With this expectation that you ,d like this blog post and upvote me. May Allah Almighty bless you !
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Hi and thank you for the information. I appreciate your zeal to provide good information for readers. However, this post does not contain an atom of a review, as it is a listing of the product's benefits. I suggest that you read this publication to get some useful tips on how to make your future posts better.

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