Tweet Automation and Scheduling with Signal - 2

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This post is second in a series of reviews on the features/components of Signal, a tweet automation tool.

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In the last post, we covered the basic aspect of Signal including the following features

  • User Authentication
  • Dashboard features

In this post, the main features of Signal will be discussed and reviewed.

On Signal dashboard the most prominent features are displayed in a tabulated form which allows users to easily navigate through without any hassles.


Even without access to the technical details and source code of Signal, I am about 70 - 80% certain that it is a single page application due to the fast loading of all dashboard features/content.

The developers of Signal really tried in the aspect of user experience, they focused on creating the best user experience features possible for Signal and that has really made me feel the application to be one of a kind among its peers in its niche.

Creating a New Signal

Creating new signal on the application is not a complicated affair, the developers made sure the process is pretty smooth, at least from my experience I found it to be a smooth sail.

To create a new tweet signal, the user has to click on the New Signal tab. This action will navigate the view to the component for cretaing a new tweet signal.

Upon loading the view, the user is prompted to firstly enter the link to the article being promoted on Twitter and the tweet caption to be shared with the article in the provided form fields.


After that is done the user will then set the posting interval from another form field on the page.

While setting the posting interval, the user will enter a numerical value in the text input box on the left and also choose an option from the select box on the right to determine the length of the posting interval.


The last form field is used to set the number of times the tweet should be reposted on Twitter.

When the field is left empty the tweet will be sent unlimited times until it is deleted.

I love the simplistic feel of this interface, I previously imagined encountering a different process but I ended up preferring the process I encountered with this feature.

The color scheme is cool and very much in tune with the typography of the page.

The data requested in each form field is simple and uncomplicated which I like very much.

I also like the fact that the requested data set is not humongous and hard to provide.

Viewing Lists of Created Signals

After adding a new signal the user can view the new signal on a list along with other added signals in the Signals tab on the dashboard.

When the component loads the user is shown a list of added signals each on a card as shown in the image below.


For each displayed tweet the user will be able to read the full tweet from Signal dashboard which makes it easy for the user to detect any mistakes in the tweet before visiting Twitter.

I love the option added on each card which allows users to navigate to the component for editing signals, this allows for easy correction of
mistakes made in the tweets for future signal posting.

Users can also decide to send that tweet at the particular moment they are viewing a signal by clicking on the button that says Tweet Now.

The user can also view other information on the card like the time the next signal will be posted, the repitition intervals of the signal and the number of signals already posted.


It was great using this application to schedule tweets.

It was very easy and straightforward to use and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to consistently promote content recursively on Twitter without going through the stress of reposting.

It would be great if one could have similar tools like this focusing on other social networks alone like Signal focuses on Twitter alone.


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