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After covering the Employees and Departments feature of this application in the last review we'll move on to the following features for this review

  • LDAP Configuration
  • API Configuration
  • Email Audits

The rest of this post will cover the detailed overview of the aforementioned features of Timeoff Management.

To know more about the software, check out its Github repo.

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Here we go

LDAP Configuration

Timeoff management provides a feature that allows companies to integrate the software with the existing system of operation in the organization.

LDAP which stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol will allow users to access files, resourses e.t.c specific to a particular organization from a server.

If the user enables and sets the credentials for LDAP authentication in Timeoff Management, any registered user on the LDAP server will be able to access Timeoff management just by logging in to the LDAP server.

In order to configure the LDAP server for this application, the user has to fill a form which will contain all information about the server to be used for authentication.


On the interface, the user first of all enables LDAP authentication by ticking the checkbox appearing as the first element on the form.

Next, the user provides the URL to the already setup LDAP server.

The user also provides the BindDN, Bind Credentials and Search Base which are all information to be gotten after the LDAP server has been set-up.

The LDAP password is also needed in order to enable security for the user/administrator in case they ever get locked out of their account.

A very thoughtful additional feature by the developers of this application, it's a good thing to have a feature that allows for integration with other solutions being currently used by the company.

This allows all company processes to be able to function as one unit which simplifies the work of all employees.

API Configuration

Timeoff Management allows its users the opportunity to connect the application with external software and send data native to the application to external applications through the API.

In order to use the API provided by Timeoff Management the user has to have an API key/token which is automatically generated by the software.

On the API configuration page, the user will choose to Enable integration API and will also be able to view the already generated API token while also having the option to regenerate a new token if the user does not want the old one anymore for whatever reasons.


Choosing not to make this API public through the provision of an API token is the best way to go.

Though, being an open source application it is quite natural for external developers to expect free uninhibited access to data from the application. However, considering the sensitive nature of the data this application stores in its database for every organization it is only expected that the API is protected one way or the other.

Email Audits

Whenever a user applies for an off day, the software is programmed to send an email notifying the appropriate parties on the new application by the employee.

Apart from sending the mail to the administrator's personal mailbox the software also records the instance of the mail sent for each application made. The recorded instances for a particular user can be viewed by the user on the Email Audits interface.

The mails listed on the Email Audits interface are not limited to time-off applications only, basically any activity that involves interaction between two users can be recorded and listed on the Email Audits interface.

This interface just serves as a way to notify the logged in user sequentially about the various activities undertaken by that particular user in the application with respect to the core features of the application.


Having this feature allows the users to be able to easily keep track of their activities and applications within the tool.

For each recorded mail sent in the application, the user can view the details of the mail by clicking on the mail title on the display table.


The transparency in this area is remarkable, it is also imperative to note that this feature is dope user experience design.


In earlier reviews, I was able to write about the basic features of the application and their utilities. In this review, we moved on to more advanced features which I've also found to be easy-to-use and well-designed.

That brings us to the end of the series reviewing the Timeoff Management software. Thanks for following and reading up to this point, kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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Wow @gotgame this is one giant application, I've followed since the first review and I must commend your effort in breaking down such a not so simple process into bits of information almost anyone can understand. Goodness I doubt I'd ever be needing this app, to me I think its very useful in corporate environment and also loaded with interesting functions.

Thanks for sharing this review, we look forward to your next post.

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