Timeoff Management, Manage Employee Absence,Leave and Off Time Using This Open Source Web Application

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Timeoff management is web application that allows and helps business administrators and owners with managing and setting employee off times and absence periods from the workplace.

For example, an employee looking to take a sick leave can reach out to their employer and get the employer to give him/her a sick leave for a certain period of recuperation all through the timeoff management application.

The application is open source and can be found on Github while the actual product can be found here.

The user of the application can decide to make use of the web platform or run a self hosted version using the source code from Github.

User Registration

In order to get started with the web platform, the user has to register their company details and the user's personal detail on the platform.

When registering the user is required to submit the following information in the form fields provided

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email and Password
  • Country
  • Timezone


After complete registration, the user is redirected to the dashboard in order to access and utilize the main features of the application.

During registration, the user is not asked for more than necessary information which is good, but I feel the application will be better off if the developers actually implement social media authentication instead of just asking the user to input the data manually.

Most of the data requested during registration can be easily falsified, but most of it can also be easily verified had it been some social media authentication such LinkedIn or Facebook was added at some point during registration even if it is not the main registration feature.


The calendar comprises of vital information and access to all other features of the application.

However, I feel the developers could do better regarding the overall design of the calendar view.

While the included features on the view are actually really cool. The layout is a little bit confusing and I had to look around the layout a number of times before I could understand the utility of each component.

The calendar holds two sections, the first section is a Statistic section where the logged in user can view metric regarding the absence of employees in the company.


In the Statistic section, the user can view the number of remaining days to spend on whatever leave they were approved for in the first column, this is a nice, required and welcome feature.

In the second column, the user can view the breakdown of leave allowance depending on certain factors.

On the allowance breakdown column, it was hard understanding what any of the content actually stood for, but I think the developers of the application also understood this because they added tooltips that pops up whenever any of the list items are hovered on which is great user experience in my opinion.

The third column show the number of requests approved by the logged in user for other employees leave allowance while the last column displays the details of the logged in user, the user role and the department the user is placed in the company.

The other section of the view features an actual calendar that allows the user to view events and absences by date in the application.


In the calendar above, the dates appearing with a blue background are public holidays recognized by the company, while the single date appearing with a pink background is the date of the current day.

What I like most about this calendar is the fact that it makes it easy for any logged in user to view any date of absence whether it is already approved or not approved yet.

allowance requests need to be approved by the administrator of the organization before the user can take the leave.

New Absense

On the navbar, there is a distinct button with a blue background and the text New Absence. Clicking on the said button will pop up a modal instantly that will allow the logged in user to apply for absence from work from the administrator.

I love the fact that the user will not be navigated to another page to fill the form and apply for the leave of absence, that would have complicated the interface.

Instead, a modal pops up containing a very simple well designed form that allows the user to apply for a leave of absence.


On the modal, the user will have to provide the following information during leave application

  • Leave type, this field is a select box with two options. The user must indicate if it is either a sick leave or holiday. The administrator also has the option to add custom leave types depending on the company/organization.

  • The user will also provide a start date and an end date for the leave they are applying for

  • The user can decide to leave an optional comment to further explain the reasons for their leave application in the last field.

After the application is created, it is recorded as a pending application until the administrator reviews it and approves it.


Along with the features yet mentioned, I would love to point out that I had a decent experience trying out the features of this application.

Though I had some reservations about the design and layout generally I still feel there is great potential in the software especially after considering that it is open source which means I can actually edit the source code, add/remove features and host my own version of the application.

In my next review I will cover other major features of the application.


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Hello @gotgame, this is an interesting and extensive review. Time off management app seems to be a very handy management tool, your opinion and recommendation are clearly highlighted, hopefully the application will be worked on to make it better.

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