The side effects of eating beef

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We know there are a lot of health benefits of red meat such as beef and motton. Most of people love consumpting the beef. Beef has benefits for our body. One of them is because it provides L-carnitine. It is important for us because L-carnitine plays a part in fat metabolism.

Beef is easy to cook and it can be processed into various dishes. In Indonesia, beed can be the main dishes in raising the wedding party. I can say like thid; No beef, no party.


I am sure there will be many people tempted to eat beef when they find it in a wedding party or gathering with family and friends.

However, we must be careful to eat much beef because there must be some side effects too.

Some side effects of eating beef

1. Drowsiness and dizziness

Eating too much beef can cause fatigue and brain fog. It is caused by the protein within the beef take a long time to process.

The fuel (protein) takes a little while to get to your brain, so you will become less focused. Caroline Passerrello, a nutritionist and dietitian, and a spokesman for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


2. Mutation to Hair and Skin

Vitamin C plays the main role in formation collagen, it is a protein that structuring to the skin, hair, nails, bones, and more. It is very rare to find Vitamin C within the beef or other animal products.

Your skin can be rough and bumpy. You might see some interesting body hair growth. -Jenna Braddock, a dietitian and nutritionist.

3. Getting sick easily

Not only the skin that needs vitamin C, but also the immune system. The lack of vitamin C might make you get sick easily.


4. Constipation

There will not be a fiber within the beef. Usually, the fiber is obtained from the intake of fruits, vegetables, and grains. If you get constipation, it's a sign that your body needs a source of fiber anr I suggest you to have some fruits and veges.

5. Heart disorders

Another benefit of fiber is to maintaine cholesterol's absorption that can protect your heart. Meat with the highest saturated fats can increase 'bad' cholesterol in the body and cause the heart risk.

The American Heart Association recommends limiting saturated fat from 5 to 6 percent of total calories.


6. Inflammation

The research showed that saturated fat in beef can increase inflammation in the body because the deficiency of antioxidants within the beef can not fight inflammation.

The reason why there are recommendations for people to 'eat a colorful diet' is because each color in fruit and vegetables is a group of antioxidants that benefit the body. -Jenna Braddock, a dietitian and nutritionist.

7. Risk of Kidney Stones

The excess of protein within the beef can affect the kidneys because purine compounds from meat can form uric acid which can increase the risk of kidney stones

8. Gain Weight

If you eat more protein more thab your body needs, you don't store it as protein but it is fat.

While it is true that the body relies on protein to build muscle, excessive pressure can have undesirable side effects.

9. Cancer Risk

Some studies showed that if you eat beef more than 18 ounces a week, it can increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

To eat much beef also makes the body vulnerable to stomach cancer and colon cancer, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Conclussion and suggesstions

  1. Beef has he healthy benefits, bit be carefull to have it much more because the side effects of beef can destroy your body.

  2. It is better for you to have much veges ane fruit to prevent you from desease.

  3. Keep eating the nutrional foods in your life.


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Sepertinya sudah jago masak sekarang.

hahaa....memang, lon jut masak bang, pajan2 bah lon masak bila na acara beh.. haha

hahaa....memang, lon jut masak bang, pajan2 bah lon masak bila na acara beh.. haha