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Let's talk about exotic fruits from Asia that are juicy and the sweet taste can make you happy!

You might be confused if you hear the title "Dragon's Eye Fruit". The popular name of this fruit is "Longan", scientifically known as "Dimocarpus Longan".


In Chinese society, the fruit which is high in water content is referred to as "Dragon's Eye Fruit". Why? When viewed from the outside, this fruit is not like the eyes of a dragon. But if we cut the inside of the fruit, it will be very similar to a dragon's eye.

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Longan has a thin, yellow-brown shell. On the inside, it looks pale white flesh, and has one glossy black seed, in the middle. This makes it look like a dragon's eye.


About Dragon's Eye Fruit Plant

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Longan is classified into a large group of soapberries which are composed of other exotic fruits, such as lychee, rambutan, ackee, salt lime, among others.

Longan plants are native Asian plants which are widely spread in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Longan plants look like rambutan trees.

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Not only has a delicious taste, but Longan is also a natural product that is used for traditional medicine in various treatments such as promoting blood metabolism, shooting nerves, relieving insomnia. In addition, Longan is believed to be a good anti-aging for skin beauty.


Health Benefits of Dragon's Eye Fruit

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Dragon's Eye Fruit is the perfect source for potassium, B vitamins, and antioxidants.

Not only the fruit, but the tradition of the people in China also use seeds from Dragon's Eye Fruit for a variety of natural medicinal purposes such as mouthwashes that can fight oral infections caused by fungi, and become essential oils.

Here are some health benefits of Dragon's Eye Fruit:

1. Fights Anxiety and Increases Energy

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In traditional Chinese medicine, Dragon's Eye Fruit tea is made by steeping Chinese red dates and dried longans in hot water, which helps to reduce anxiety as well as warm the body in winter months.

After reducing anxiety, a good part of Dragon's Eye Fruit is being able to increase energy and boost metabolism. This is in line with the function of vitamin C which can provide an immune system boost that increases antioxidant activity.


2. Improves Sleep Quality

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Dragon's Eye Fruit has an anxiolytic activity which prolonged sleep time in people.

A 2014 research claims that Dragon's Eye Fruit, in combination with other hypnotic derivatives, can increase the rate of sleep and sleep duration. This fruit can also enhance learning and memory by increasing the rate of immature neuronal survival.


3. Keeps The Skin Glowing and Healthy

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Vitamin C, present in high amounts in Dragon's Eye Fruit, is vital for collagen synthesis, which keeps the skin firm and healthy. It provides antioxidant protection against ultraviolet radiation and clears out the oxidative stress in your system. In traditional Chinese medicine, Dragon's Eye Fruit soup is a time-tested recipe known to add luster and suppleness to the skin.

Phytochemicals have always been the best solution to treat various disorders, and Dragon's Eye Fruit has them in abundance. Bioactive compounds such as corilagin, gallic acid, and ellagic acid in dried Dragon's Eye Fruit have the highest free radical scavenging activity. The fruit also has antityrosinase activity.

That's why Dragon's Eye Fruit is very good to help reduce wrinkles, age spots, as well as blemishes and the appearance of scars.

Antioxidants, which have anti-aging properties and minimize dryness, as well as the cracking and peeling of the skin.


4. Improves Memory

Dragon Eye Fruit3.jpg

Not only good for overcoming anxiety, consuming Dragon's Eye Fruit can be improved cognitive abilities, especially those relating to the formation and retention of memory.


Negative Side Effect of Dragon's Eye Fruit

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The content of the fruit, in general, does contain natural nutrients that are good for the body. However, if excessive, will cause negative effects that can affect health in certain people.

The taste of Dragon's Eye Fruit is delicious and sweet makes people often become excessive consuming it. In healthy people, this may not cause a negative effect. But it will be dangerous for diabetics.

The sugar content in Dragon's Eye Fruit is a warning for diabetics. The strong fructose compounds within the Dragon's Eye Fruit can cause difficulty to the body when the body is doing the fat breaking process and acidic uric which then increases the level of sugar in the human blood. This condition easily occurs to anyone with diabetes 'history though, it is still possible to occur to anyone without any diabetes' story, if you are consuming Dragon's Eye Fruit t excessively.

Dragon's Eye Fruit can also cause stomach aches and diarrhea if it is consumed before breakfast.



Dragon Eye Fruit zoom.jpg

Dragon's Eye Fruit is a fruit that deserves to be enjoyed when the hot weather in Asia attacks. The content of a lot of water and sweet taste and natural benefits that can reduce anxiety can have an impact on encouraging happiness!

Always consume Dragon's Eye Fruit in normal amounts and be careful when eating this fruit so that the inner seeds are not swallowed.

Besides being enjoyed raw, I usually make Dragon's Eye Fruit for a mocktail mixture. At some time, I also made Dragon's Eye Fruit soup which tastes very character.

What do you think about this fruit? Don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments column.



All Images Are My Own Properties.

Taken with Oppo F1s Camera.

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