The new Raspberry Pi Pico W(ireless)

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Hello guys! Today i'm gonna be showing you a brand new product from Raspberry Pi which is the new Raspberry Pi Pico W.

Raspberry Pi Pico W.png

This product is one of their latest lineups on the Raspberry Pi family which is the Raspberry Pi Pico W and obviously you know the W stands for wireless which is definitely what we needed on the Raspberry Pi Pico.

This actually graduated from just an Arduino device to more of like an ESP device because it's got the wireless.

To take a look at side by side between the regular Pico and the W you could see that this new silver piece is installed where the logo used to be that's just the wi-fi module.


I'm really excited about this product because the main thing that was missing from the Pico was wireless and the price of a regular Pico is four dollars and the new one is actually six dollars so two dollars more than the original price and then you get wi-fi.

You could do so much more with this board because it's got a larger storage of 256kb versus the ESPs where it's usually 32kb and you could do a lot more with it just because the extra storage sizes.

To get it to work you just need to download the latest micro python library or the uf2 file and drop it in. It has all the new stuff with the networking as well as you request and a few others so you're able to get the wi-fi working as soon as you receive this device and updating to the latest micro python.

The speed which is roughly around 5/6Mbps, i've done this test before i hit 7Mbps which is not too bad. Actually if i was closer to my wi-fi router i probably would get a little bit higher speeds but for a little tiny device like the Pico it's very similar, actually i think this performs faster than ESPs.


I've been using ESPs devices because of their wireless capabilities so i was able to actually read temperatures or control the garage door or anything that i need through ESP because of the wi-fi now with Pico, i'm actually going to be able to do the same thing and i have more ideas for this...

Wireless is a huge update for Raspberry Pi Pico, adds a lot more capabilities and increase the use of this board in wireless projects, and only for two more dollars compared with the previous version.

That's all for now. I hope you guys liked and maybe in the future I bring here some projects made it this board.

Thank you all.


By the way, I think you'd get more audience and people who are interested in raspberry if you post in geek zone or or STEMgeeks. Looking forward to read more raspberry stuff from you!

Thank you buddy! I will follow your advice in the future posts :)

No worries! Since you're new in the community it would be nice to be in communities where you'd get more exposure for your content. Good luck!

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