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question for you not covered in the video; I live in Nunavut, the sun doesn't set. How is that explained by your localized sun?

 2 years ago 

The sun runs on solar power

That's a good one the sun does roll solar power

Can you see the giant ice wall from your house?

See, I'm never quite sure if I'm supposed to be defending the wall from the grumpkins and snarks or I'm at the center of the proverbial plate....

Valaryn steel. Or dragon glass.

Though we might need some.insect in the leadership to save the world.

Hey if you want to pay me to watch it I'll totally watch it and do the same thing what's up man?

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I'm down! Deal.

Currently watching this.

I'll pause it and get into it.

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Done done done...

Party. Yep. Even just posted.

Wow. Some great points. The astrotheogon? What rock did he crawl.out of.

That was definitely the worst part. Besides the entitled Rich idiot.

Well getting paid to watch it wasn't as bad as I was thinking. Actually I enjoyed the beating NASA got.

If that's the best documentary flat earth has? Well.. not sure I'll watch any more then

NASA conspiracy isn't bad though.

So yep let me know when you're shipping the LC my way. I'm planning on staking my flat earth cryptocurrency.

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Well thank you very much for paying people to watch this video.

Other than the one crazy guy and the rich entitled idiot it was actually not that bad.

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Astrotheogon and Mr Nissan.

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Happy to watch it. As I mentioned, it was a real fun time. I definitely don't buy in - but it sure put a smile on my face so I thank you for that.