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So...I might as well make another magnificent post to astound the masses, who eagerly await a sign of my presence.

Well...my friends...That's about all I have for now. See ya again some time.

Ha-Ha...Just Kidding...!!!

I wouldn't leave you all hanging like that...I'm no friggin click-bait, scam artist...why else do you think I never joined one of the Crime Family's Crews which beckoned me years ago in New York City? 

Sure...I write about them sometimes, and my association with them, but that doesn't mean I was as much a low-life scumbag like most of them were. I've always been sort of an independent type guy. Not that I never joined a team in the past or willing too...It just has to be the right team, pursuing the right vision and mission (meaning...morally agreeable)

What's moral...??? I'm not sure that I have an answer to that question, because it varies in my mind depending upon many factors. One BIG factor in MY mind, is you NEVER have my blessing when what you're doing, brings grief or pain to the innocents...

Who are the innocents...??? Those who merely go about their life desiring peace, love and happiness without stepping on other peoples toes... One who does not resemble a shit-bag, or smells like a shit-bag when in your presence (whatever that is...???) I never saw a shit-bag for sale in a store, but I've heard such a thing exists...

Anyway...I've completely forgotten what the hell I was posting about; as usual.

I might as well just continue on writing about whatever comes to mind, now that I'm free to do so. Who knows what might happen here on Steemit in the near, or far future? Censorship beyond what we already have might become full blown on this blockchain under rule by our new owners.

So, if you want to curse and scream any discontent about certain subjects here...you'd better play it safe and do it as soon as possible. This way, if the new boss decides you're a threat to his prosperity and sends a hit squad to your house, at least you'll be alive forever on the Blockchain.

Your Cyber-Crypto self, will forever effortlessly, float around cyberspace for eternity...and accessed by will or in error by any knob-head, gleefully tinkering around with the appropriate digital device in their mother's basement.

Which brings me to another thought...What do you think or know about what's coming down the pike, beyond Digital...??? We've gone from tubes, to solid state, analog to digital within a fairly short period of time...what's on the horizon? 

Maybe it's here already, the general public just doesn't know about it? Some kind of Quantum cold fusion type devices maybe?

It's interesting to think about sometimes; what's out there and in use by some crazy eyed genius alone in their makeshift lab, or by a Government entity, who absconded with some dead scientist's device and notes...Like they did with old man Nicola.

All this thinking has gotten me tired out now...I'd better take a nap, before I fall over from exhaustion. 

See ya again, sometime, my friends.

Be happy.


Some More Stuff from the Mind of @AngryMan Feb. 18, 2020

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No idea what surprises are coming down the pike.

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:>) Me either...

Eternity for as long as the power-plug stays in .
Dark matter , and black holes with it , are finally declared pure fantasy , so all technology based on that theory became useless and a waist of wealth and resources . This screen i look at could have bin a holographic projector with a matter transporter for small trades . But no , what Newton and Einstein stuck together was wrongly evolved by those who came after them , assumptions where declared standing facts . Fantasy was added to the gaps and holes ( dark matter and black holes ) ;-)

You've never seen a shit-bag? Are you sure? I've seen so, so many ......living as I do not a 20- minute walk from Government Buildings.

Ha...I've got about the same distance to Government Buildings too. I knew I'd seen shit-bags somewhere before!!!

Some years ago, I used to attend City Council meetings for doing writeups in a local periodical. Eventually I had to stop doing so, because it was such a sickening chore.

Oh my goodness...we're both living about 20 mins from gov buildings....does that mean we're actually living quite close to each other? Maybe we can meet for coffee!
As to City Council meetings, been there, done that and boy do I know what you mean.

It could mean that we live close to each other...Is the sky blue, or sometimes grey in the daytime, where you are and black in the evening like it is when I look up???

Coffee sounds great. I'll meet you at the Bus Depot; I have quarters for the vending machine there :>)

So I don't even need to bring my own quarters? Well, I'll say one thing for you, you sure know how to spoil a gal!:)

No Moola required m'deirdy… I'm a product of Old-School mentality; I still hold the door open for women, old folk, handicapped and children, as well.

Once in awhile I hold the door open in stores for stick-up artists too, if the Staff has treated me poorly :>)

Always a pleasure hearing from you Ms @DeirdyWeirdy .

Quantum computing is so old world. In the future the New World will no longer use digital means to send information, or to educate/de-educate people. It will come in the simplest of forms, made by man to impart to man all the knowledge the governments want to impart to the masses.

The New World has been telling us about it for a long time now. They have been showing us through the Movies the internet and the books we read what is coming down the pipe next.

Today, at a guess, I would say that 88% of the worlds population knows what someone is talking about when they use the term Viral or going Viral. Yes man is close to learning how to transmit knowledge via a Virus.

You walk into a corner Edge-you-center, get the little piece of paper with how do I drive this car, or fly this helicopter. Place gently on tongue and wait for the virus to do it's thing.

Seems you have a good bead on the subject @bashadow . I've heard a little about brainwave disruption/manipulation weaponry which is actually in use presently.

My dreams have become odd for quite some time now; maybe I'm being experimentally zapped by the technology? It's as if I'm peering into the dream of another person, rather than having my own. Weird...!!!

Viral transport of data is something I've heard about as well.

You may live in close proximity to a 5G generator. I have heard some rumors that they can use a 5G signal to turn virus's on and off, perhaps they can do the same to dreams.

I would not be surprised to discover a 5G generator nearby pointed at my head :>/