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RE: PyAutoGUI - Automate Repetitive Tasks With Python

in #python6 months ago

Thanks for sharing, this is great.

I'm taking over a new role at work and even though I'm not a programmer I'm trying to learn some Python to automate a bunch of repetitive and manual tasks and make my team more efficient.

One of the things I'm trying to implement right now is a Naive Bayes text classifier to classify user comments on our product satisfaction survey.

We do it manually right now but it takes a lot of time to go over each comment and think about what feature or aspect of our product it's related to.



Ah cool. I hope this can help. But it seems like you will need something that will process text and categorize it. I saw you have been playing with machine learning. I haven't even started with ML yet, but looks like you are taking right path. Let me know how you achieve automating this task.