Mathematical sbi contest #4

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Here you can keep your brain fit by solving math related problems and also earn SBI by doing so.
The problems usually contain a mathematical equation that in my opinion is fun to solve or has an interesting solution.
I will also only choose problems that can be solved without additional tools, so don't grab your calculator, you won't need it.


No upvote, No resteem, No follow required!

I will give 1 SBI to a random person who put a correct solution of the problem in a comment.

You have 48 hours to solve it.

In case there are multiple solutions, you have a higher chance of winning if you get all of them correctly.

Solutions can sometimes also be general like x = 20, y > -1. If there are multiple solutions submitted, that are part of the same general solution, they will be counted as one solution.

And one more thing: I only want integer solutions!



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No further restrictions today. The solutions are difficult enough to find.

You can take a look at the results of the last contest here.

To everyone who already participated in a past contest, come back today and try a new problem(tell me if you don't want to be tagged):
@addax @ajayyy @bwar @heraclio @tonimontana

In case no one gets a result(which I doubt), I will give away the 1 SBI to anyone who comments.

The contest is over. You can find the results here.


x = 1, y = 2
x = 2, y = 1
x = 2, y = 2
x = 1, y = 1
wait, what was the question? I'll answer True!

I'll answer True!

No, this equation is not true for any values of x and y. If that were the case I wouldn't have chosen it.

By the way even your list of four pairs of x and y already contains a wrong pair. I suggest you rethink your answer.

Oh, right... x can't be 1, and y 2. Also forgot, x = 0, y = 1

The results can be found here.

x, y = 2

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Thanks for your entry.
The results can be found here.

-∞<x<∞; y=1
x=2; y=2
Edit Added x=0,y>0

∞<x<∞? You know that is equivalent to "There is no possible value for x?"

Oh yeah I forgot a minus. I meant -∞<x<∞ just any integer x.

The results can be found here.

2*2=2 * 2

Thanks for your entry.
The results can be found here.