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RE: Psychology Addict # 56 | Reflections on Anger.

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What about the type of anger where you turn green and grow 5x your original size except where it matters because your shorts don't rip off like the rest of your clothes? What do the Stoics say about that? :)


I have looked into that and haven't found anything either from Seneca or Marcus Aurelius on this.

But, there is still hope...


Grendel is a the first monster Beowulf had to fight in the kingdom of Hrothgar. And it turns out you described the very kind of anger he underwent. The angrier he got, the bigger he grew ... except ... aham ... ahm .. well, you know where. During his struggle against Grendel, in a bloody fight, Beowulf instructed his best warrior and friend Wiglaf : Kick his ... aham ... ! Kick it! Wiglaf turned to the monster's bits and shouted back to Beowulf in astonishment! "But, I cannot see it! He has no ... ahm ... "

There is a chance we can find our answer there :)

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