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RE: Psychology Addict # 61 | Talking About Guilt.

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Amazing post as usual. I still have two more posts of yours that I have bookmarked for reading. What I love about your posts is that somehow they always relate to some episode of my life. I guess we have all been stuck into this cycle of guilt at some point. And thanks for bringing it out that guilt can be a strong stressor which can lead to depressive disorder in some cases.

Loved the post. :)


Thank you for stopping by @scienceblocks <3 :) It's always wonderful seeing you around. I am very glad to hear you liked this post and identified the point I tried to convey: guilt as a possible lead to depression. For sure we all have found ourselves trapped within such cycle. So, hopefully, this write-up will deliver some clarifications for those who need a little help with breaking free from it :)

Take care my dear.
Ps: I've seen you posted. I'm very much looking forward to reading your article.