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RE: Psychology Addict # 56 | Reflections on Anger.

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This piece makes me so angry assertive, right now....! lol

Only really, only joking...In a way.

'anger is an energy' to quote the sex pistols - and as such, can be used for exceptional results.
(maybe I mean assertiveness, but I don't think so).

The word 'should' or 'shouldn't' is one of the most 'evil words' there is.( I wrote a whole post on this, in the dim and distance past).
It's also a very useful too to see how other's perceive the world, and their place in it.
(regarding the combination of IQ and ego.).

....Still not sure if I'm angry, though...grrrr :)

Nice to see you!


Hey @lucylin :)

It's so nice to hear from you and have your input about this topic. I see where you stand with regard to "the case for anger". I have extensively thought about this in the past and have recently revisited those thoughts. But, I am yet to come to a position I am happy with! Like you I don't believe "that kind" of anger is assertiveness either. Well, one day I will get there :)

Good point about the should/shouldn't mindset. It is an often accurate way to get to know people's attitude.

I just don't imagine you as an angry guy.

I trust everything is fine with the new project, house, doggie and Lucy.
Lots of love to you all.

I'm not an angry guy, far from it. ( I do get frustrated with people and their myopia).

I used to have lots of anger - but I know exactly how to channel it (now) to serve my own purposes.
I can produce like a workhorse, using the 'anger' energy.
It clarifies and focuses like nothing else, in my experience.

(my anger and frustration at the steem car crash for example, was the fuel for my new project - which probably has more daily 'real' users than steem. Well, probably not, actually- but getting there.
I can't even code!!!)

Everything is very peachy, thank you.

I really only post here nowadays when I have some spare time -and feeling particularly mischievous. Me? mischievous? I know - shocker!
(My productivity/profit has gone up a gazillion percent since I left this place).

Give Mr dantes my commiserations!!

my anger and frustration at the steem car crash for example, was the fuel for my new project.

Oh, I see. Thank you for saying this. It's a very good illustration (for me) of this whole "anger as a means for a greater good". I might be beginning to get it.

It is wonderful to hear that you've learnt new things, that you're profiting from it, but that you're still managing to stop by whenever you have a minute or two to spare :) Thank you.

I will send your compassionate message to Mr. Dantes :P

interesting exchange.

I wouldn't call that anger, but transformed anger that you didn't pass on to anyone. But the moment when anger arises and happens to meet someone else in your presence (which quite often happens when one is not living in isolation) is neither creative nor constructive.

Anger, as I feel it, makes me agitated, unfocused, I can no longer form normal sentences, my mouth becomes frayed, my heart beats fast, I make everything worse instead of better. The feeling afterwards is (when I let it out onto someone): I have lost something, not won. I feel unwell, a feeling of inadequacy.

To turn righteous anger into something creative and inspiring, on the other hand: I am all yours. It's good for something. Anger as a launch pad for an important topic for you, I also know that. But if you then sit there and write, think, feel, is that still anger? Probably not.

For me, the anger that acts as a launch pad (very true), is also the fuel that keeps me going forwards.

The best way to describe how I utilize that particular energy, is the I can 'revisit' the cause of the emotion, and 'tap into it', again, 'giving' me the energy once more, to give me continued impetus.
(I'm essentially lazy, and and need a bomb up my arse to get anything done! lol)

LOL! If you ask me, I really don't want to revisit that place of anger. It gives me sad and bad times to put me in that same mode. I start ruminating and having dialogues in my head which never happened and never will happen. You know, those brilliant sentences I would like to throw at someone who aggravated me. ... Of which I ACTUALLY know, that no other aggravated me but I do myself aggravate me. The other is long out of sight but I pretend he/she is still here.

Forgive me to be provocative, I of course understand that to feel agitated or irritated can have this wonderful quality to bring things into life which maybe only happen after an emotion of high arousal.

But I thought about it once again and... I would like to correct myself in a way... I cannot come up with an example where I felt the anger as the source of inspiration. It's things which make me wonder, curious and what I admire which are the fuels of action. Maybe it's just that my own anger surprises or even shocks me so much that it gets me started to get away from it, for I truly don't like to be in that state. So the launch pad there...

I cannot come up with an example where I felt the anger as the source of inspiration

I agree , it isn't the source of inspiration.
However, (for me) it can be the source of energy to apply elsewhere.

I think childhood hard wiring, over many years, is the reason I can utilize it the way I do.
I say, 'think', as I do not know - but if I had to put a bet on it, I'd say I do understand the why's of the origin of my processes.

However, (for me) it can be the source of energy to apply elsewhere.

Yes, thank you, that was what I thought would be more correct when we talk about "using/transforming" that anger.

I very much like that you say "think" as "knowledge" is truly a tricky thing.

Where is the origin of your process? Your childhood? I am asking for I sometimes think it's not only childhood, it's probably way earlier. LOL. From psychology and the systemics in that field I learned that everyone can re-create his childhood. Ultimately everything laying in the past or in the future is a narrative with the potential to be changed.

Off topic: May I ask you to take part in my latest post? I would like to at least get in more people to give me food for evaluation.

Maybe I scare people off as you see me commenting a hell lot of words. But I promise, if you don't want to, I won't :) - give me the numbers and I shell leave it at there.

Ultimately everything laying in the past or in the future is a narrative with the potential to be changed.

The past is the past and can't be changed.
You can deal with it, but not change it.
The future, of course, is down to yourself.
( I don't buy into postmodern 'reality is just narrative construct' - But that's a whole other philosophical discussion).

I'll go have a look at your post now....Happy to help.

( takes a hell of a lot more than words, to scare me! lol)

The past is the past and can't be changed.

Of course, not. :)

You can deal with it, but not change it.

You can change how you think of the past and certain events in it. Has it ever happened to you that you thought differently about one and the same happening?

When I was 16 I started to work at a photography store.
I was quite fond of my boss at the time, but if you had asked me, in my mid-twenties, if I had ever thought of him or associated him with some very important things I had learned, I would probably have looked rather incomprehensible. In my mid-thirties I began to wonder how he was doing and to establish connections between my individual stations and people in life. In this way, looking back at this particular person enabled me to make a different assessment of our time together. I think differently today than I did twenty years ago and also different again thirty years ago. Moreover, the memory of the past is not very different from a mental construction and evaluation of what happened. From the point of view of every age, the thoughts about certain situations change a lot. Whatever you think about your past at the moment always has the greatest meaning. The me of that time was completely different from the me of today.

I am not talking though about things engraved and unconscious emotions and reminders which formed this or that habit wich I am even not aware I do have them.

Do you have an example where you assessed something differently during the course of your life? Sometimes even so that first you thought how bad everything was, then you thought it was not so bad until you thought it was not bad at all?