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RE: Psychology Addict # 61 | Talking About Guilt.

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Nice post, as usual. I was actually eagerly waiting for my weekly psychology dose :)

I have always acted differently when doing something wrong or. I actually do not see any need for feeling guilty. Things have been done. Period. They are my responsibility. Period too. Now, from there, instead of feeling this or that or even having to suffer, I think it is better to move on and see how things can be fixed. I am happy to see that this more or less matches the detective way that you proposed.


Hey @lemouth :)

If I had to guess I would have concluded that that is your mode of thinking : moving forward rather than ruminating. For some of us this mode of rationalizing things is more natural than others. Looking at ourselves as well as the world around us with objectivity is a great advantage and an important ingredient for mental well-being.

Thank you very much for your nice words @lemouth. I hope your day improved after the morning train-inconvenience (I've read your post and your comment section earlier this evening and saw you mentioned a not so great start to the day).

Wish you and the family a peaceful night! :D

Sometimes, people however looked at me weirdly, like if I was a totally non-emotive person (I had that earlier this year when I had to move on at work instead of taking the time to be emotionally touched). Whilst I am quite emotive actually, I am first rational :D

Have a nice week-end!

PS: trains in Paris are sometimes random. I got a lot of randomness those days (at least I was able to read a lot ^^)