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RE: Psychology Addict # 56 | Reflections on Anger.

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I really share these feelings. Really!

We met our local Maria's all along our life in France (not necessarily for me, although I have stories as well, but especially for @lamouthe who is not from the European Union). I am not sure anger was all around the place. Frustration: definitely. But it was often followed by the joy of sharing the crazy adventures all around the world (thanks to social media) and summarizing the situation in one funny sentence that is hard to decrypt by anyone who does not know us. Yeah, fighting frustration with jokes and fun was our way :)


Jokes and laughter are indeed efficient antidotes to frustration! It's a smart move indeed :)

Especially if one restricts ourselves to physicists' jokes!

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I do not understand. Why re-steeming a comment (which does not do anything effectively) instead of the initial post?