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RE: Psychology Addict # 61 | Talking About Guilt.

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A very good friend of mine took the guilt on herself after a certain accident happened in her life. It ate her up, made herself feel untrustworthy, insecure and downright depressed. Because of a single event that for many would think, was really not her fault. It took a really long time before I even saw her beautiful person starting to shine again. Guilt is such a complicated thing and it is clear that regardless of what others think a person should feel guilty about, many times its all happening inside of us.

It's a really good point, view it as being a detective instead of a judge. I feel like this is a way a person could solve man troubles throughout life. Regardless of if we call it guilt, shame or sadness.


Oh, so your friends case might have been one that could be fitted under : guilt as a result of cognitive distortion. I am pleased to hear that she managed to overcome her emotional distress. Thank you for sharing this instance with us here @holm. It offers hope for those undergoing a similar situation :)

It is true that that detective work can be applied with many, many other life circumstances. It's tricky to be objective when we're under the effect of uncomfortable emotions. But, it's a habit that when we manage to adopt, it really contributes to one's mental well-being :) More often than not, our despair results from the way we perceive things and not from how things really are. Your latest post, illustrates this very well, by the way. Oftentimes, it's just a matter of how we look at things.

It's always nice to see you around @holm

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