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Have you ever read the works of Eckard Tolle? He discusses similar things. Me for myself always say "Don't think" and "Don't take yourself too serious"! Thanks for the article! Regards Chapper

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Hello there @chappertron :)

Thank you very much for coming around.

I like the don't take yourself too seriously part of your rationale. However, in my opinion, I see thinking as a very good habit to nurture (not of the ruminative kind, though). I greatly believe that quality thinking plays a fundamental role in psychological well-being :)

I have seen Eckard Tolle's books, but never read any of them. The one that's always on display in Fnac (my favourite book shop) is the The Power of Now. You seem to recommend his writings? If so, I might add to my long list of books to read :D


Hey Abigail, I read Tolle's book "A new earth". It has elements of "Power of Now" but steps further of how mankind may shift to a "higher level of consciousness". In this context, he pleads for a clean mind that might prevent anger, pain, hate, and everything which makes the world unhappy and hostile. Thinking in the past and future always brings you away from the moment and is (in Tolle's opinion) an ego reaction which is the root cause of disadvantage developments on earth. It was a recommendation by a friend and I really enjoyed to read it.

Have fun


Glad to hear Chapper! In that case this one might even skip the long books-to-read list queue. Thank you for the recommendation :)