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RE: Psychology Addict # 61 | Talking About Guilt.

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Hello, Dear Abigail,

When I saw the title, it hit a note. I do fight feelings of guilt--for offenses committed long ago. What helps me to overcome this is something I learned from a wise person: If I can't forgive myself, how can I forgive others? And so I do :)

I'd love to be like chapper, "Don't take yourself so serious". But I think he's such a nice guy he probably never does anything wrong :))

I love this post for so many reasons, but most of all because you offer tools to deal with the habit of guilt:

Am I judging my self or scrutinising my actions? ✦ Have I learnt from my wrongdoings, or am I simply ruminating in a self-defeating way? ✦ Am I prepared to let my guard down, and take responsibility for the hurt my behaviour has caused? ✦ How has this contributed to my personal growth

A road map to better living, one that is clear and uncomplicated. You really do perform a service with your blogs, Abigail.

Wishing you peace, and good health,

Your friend,



@agmoore2 <3 :)

It's truly pleases me to hear that progress has been made when it comes to self-forgiveness 😊 I'm also very happy that you found those questions useful in terms if addressing feelings of guilt.

Wouldn't be nice to have such a laid-back approach to the self like that of Chapper's! I suppose that in order to develop that sort of mind set we need to rid ourselves of rigid thinking such as: "he's such a nice guy he probably never does anything wrong". What does this imply? That if we do something wrong we are bad? It's difficult to forgive what we deem to be bad.

And while it's important to acknowledge our wrongdoings, it's even more important not to aim at the self while doing so. For, while the latter brings us down, the former drives us to implement improved changes in our way of thinking and behaving :) It's a beautiful, rewarding process!

How have you been my friend? Have you had a good week?

Much love to you from cloudy Portugal! :*

I'm well, thank you, dear Abigail. I hope you are also.

Peace, and may the sun shine always--in your home, if not outside 🌹

Warm regards,