Serfdom & Sorcery #7 - Developments

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In a land of dreams, where hopes take flight,
We set our sights on a glorious height.
With hammer and pickaxe, we'll build our domain,
A kingdom resplendent, our dreams will reign.

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Royal Reptile Studios, JBOSS, and the @PsyberX team delivered to Hive a world of fantasy and role-play with their introduction of Serfdom and Sorcery. It's a text-based game on @PsyberX's discord server that has drawn hundreds of players across the Hive-verse. Players have joined the community daily to drive their chosen classes of characters ever closer to the coveted throne.

Welcome, to another
Serfdom & Sorcery


System Updates

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The Serfdom & Sorcery game is pending transfer to a more robust and capable server. The PsyberX team reports that the game should be up and running within 1-2 days following final tests.

What does this mean?

Upgrades to the game, coupled with a more robust server, allow continuous play. No further delays, apart from regular maintenance or updates, should occur. The devs can then focus on growing the world we've grown to love and admire.

New in-game monitoring features are in place. "Gods-eye" actively scans game messaging as a means of game integrity and security. The new Gods-eye bot will continuously monitor the system for unauthorized bot or player activity. The game, as well as player finances, will be more secure.


Product Testing

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Serfdom & Sorcery is in its alpha testing phase. It is the phase where developers like jboss place the game under different testing conditions before expanding its use to a greater audience. The devs need user interaction with the game to analyze its performance. Their analysis helps determine the additional features they need to program into the game to sustain its current user database and expand it to welcome more players.

The current upgrades being applied to the game represents a significant milestone for Serfdom & Sorcery. The @PsyberX team collected and reviewed tens of thousands of messages, user inputs, and data points to determine how to update the game next.

Once the game is back up and running, the crew will monitor activity with their new capabilities and continue stabilizing and expanding gameplay.

Gaming Restoration

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JBOSS and @bobthebuilder2 report that they will advertise and notify players once the game is ready. They estimate that things will be online tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Are you ready to play?
Are you ready to join?


Psyber X Family - Join Zealy now!!

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It's never too late to be a part of the Royal Reptile's Psyber X family on Zealy. Join today and get started on the newest quests!


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Join the @psyberx community today! Invest in their development or hop on to their discord to learn more about the initiative today!

Psyber X White Paper
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In Closing

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Thanks for the update. I was ready to give up and walk away. For this I will use you as sponsor. 😁😁

Lol. I'm happy to oblige. I wrote my take on Psyber X in another article today in that I felt they had similar beginnings to Steem Monsters. Now, they're the global #1 turn-based card game Splinterlands. I've zero doubts SL had their own host of issues as they learned and grew.

I've watched many projects grow and fail over the years. There are three things I look for at each instance: consistency in product updates, project development, and communications. Since their very first article, I've seen these elements.

I think Jboss and his team are the real deal. There's a passion and discipline I get from their team member's during not just AMAs, but in daily activities too.

Beautiful and superbly entrance, hehehe.
I really loved the quote

I really need to get a PC and join in on this PsyberX game... I read about it and found out it's just available on PCs for now

Keep enjoying... I'm right behind you, hehehe

I need to keep playing that game myself. I joined in the game before being released and it was crazy fun. I could do with some practice.

Looking forward to seeing you out there!

Sure... With time

Serfdom & Socery is a game that surprise me a lot. I have been like so much to play that S&F already do part of my routine: every day, at least three times at day I need open the dicord for writing some commands. I hope that soon we can playing daily again.

I’m glad you like the game. I enjoy it as well. They should be up and running this evening California, USA time