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this whole Greta thing is a 100 trillion dollar deception - change my mind

it is also used to weaponize the youth and generate even more division and agression within one population

divide et impera

the climate changes, always did, always will.

the whole GRETA full throttle power promotion is a deception.


Below you can see the history of our planet earths temperature during the last 65 million years

according to the scientists who really studied the ice-core and deep sea sediment samples for decades. Why are they blended out of the discussion, why are we bombarded with the opposite of what these scientists say?


Wat do you see above ? Seems like everything in our solar system is slowly cooling down,
the sun wil eventually run out of fuel in a few billion years, expand and swallow the planets as a kind of extra fuel reserve, then it will get really really cold. ~ -270°C

what do we hear day in and day out - panic stirring emotional brainwash
Brainwash based on anger and emotion but not real science.



100 Trillion dollar is the price to pay for this deception and mass delusion

! 15000 $ for every human being living on this planet !





Here are some usefull links to educate yourself.

must see° :)

docu from 2007 with many interviews of the real climate scientists and their results of decades of mesuring and researching the icecores and sediments. highly informative

Willie Soon scientist solar cycles, Milankovitch cycles



5 million years earth temperature reconstruction

question everything

decentralize everything

until next time
signing off for today with a quote of Richard Lindzen, an American atmospheric physicist




information is power


She is an actress. And one good public relations team and one great spin on this. She is getting paid. So you better be invested.

But she flys across the world? Posing with world leaders and activists? Photo opportunity of course!!! Time to get paid.

Wonder how long until the dirt really comes to light from her and her team's actions.

And her parents have been finding this.

I think we live in an age of misinformation, and that it is difficult to know what to believe. When it comes down to it, I think we can all probably agree that whether or not we believe in climate change, environmental pollution is what needs to be addressed, as it is destroying both local and global environments. We all love nature and want to live healthy lives unaffected by the damage big industry does, so this should be a mutual goal we all work on together instead of fighting over who is wrong or right about climate change, and use cherry picked science on either side to prove our point or push our agenda. We all definitely need to be having conversation about it, so that's why places like talkingpoint.co matter, right?


environmental pollution is what needs to be addressed
I agree, true. we need to adress the most urgent polutants like neonicotinoids, glyphosat and also raise awareness for very toxic substances like Pcb153 pcb118 bde47 bd99 pp-DD, ppDDT, Pu239, in our foodchain. or the sulfuric acid and other toxins contained in coal. There are so many urgent things we should adress and what is happening? a doubious religionlike ICPP (were all charts start in the little iceage /facepalmlol) is proclaiming that Co2, the source of all plantlife = all life on earth, is a dangerous polutant, its ideocracy at its best. Future generation will lol hard on this CO2 madness idiocrazy.
Sitting on the biggest ticking Pu239 timebomb in hanford, while being afraid of CO2 is just blank stupidity.

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The globalist hard at work to put us all under their rule of thumb through deception and extortion!

It's been way colder during the ice ages. And way hotter as well. It's been both and we are on the cooler side. And getting colder. I'm more worried about a volcano and mini ice age myself.