Greediness a perfect way of getting to the top---POB-WOTW

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We all know money is the root of all evil and still people don't stop looking for it ,this is one thing that has actually crack my understanding till date.

Another thing I got to hear of recent from a friend is that,money moves money around and honestly these words are actually true but at times it as a way of pushing us out of bound to actually go extra miles to get them at times.

Honestly people this days go extra miles to get what they want especially when it comes to been wealthy in life.

Have you every thought about been Greedy and what effect it has positively

Honestly most people see those that are greedy at times as bad people,but honestly have seen it as a perfect way of making it to the top at times, nothing comes free in life, which Means you have to put your all and even go out of bound to get what you need at times.

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My father do say the top is sealed already,but you can only get in there if you have a fighting spirit and honestly been patient at times is of no good when you want to break through in life and even biblically it was stated that

Only the violent can take things with force,which definitely means a greedy person has every advantage to claim whatever they want once they keep on going after such thing with their greedy spirit.

Greediness might sound so bad base on the level at which people see it,but on the other way round, base on happenings around us, been selfish at times has a perfect way of helping us as an individual to focus more on ourselves.

One thing I learnt so well in life is putting myself and my happiness first irrespective of how bad it is for other people,it might sound so funny or bad on the other way round,but of all it is the best way of making us a priority in the place of other people.

Greediness is not always evil as people tend to see it or call it ,it is a perfect way of putting oneself first in all that happens in life.

An adage says and I quote

You don't Neglect Your Own bushee hair u barbs and starting barbing another man's hair.

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