My New Vanlife Streaming Studio!

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Man I am loving this MacBook Air M1! It’s a beast with a low power draw, max 30w, so it’s great for my van situation! The only thing I need is one of those adaptors with actual USB plugins, lol. I need 2 USBa and the ability to charge, an SD card reader would be lovely as well. May go to Simply Mac and get that.

Got the iPad hooked up to it and using the Duet application. For some reason I can’t get side car on the Mac to connect to the iPad, probably just because it’s an older iPad… But it turns the iPad into a second monitor!

I also have a new iPad mount with a telescopic arm so I will be trying to find a better place to mount it than where it currently is, so it can be more dead on and more comfortable to look at. At least try to get it somewhat eye level.

Worked hard last night and this morning g getting some scenes in OBS set up with more changes to come, but I think what I have is a good start. So many opportunities for recording scripted videos as well as live streaming. Going to focus live streaming on VIMM. I want to stay as Web 3.0 as possible. I am done with even trying anything on YouTube.

For now I am going to do all of my subject matters under thelogicaldude, and will repost in my different community accounts as needed. So get ready for allot of this, 😂


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I'm so jelly man. I'm so tired of paying rent (~$1400/mo split with my roomie, after utilities).

I really should just nab an RV and call it a day!

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when my life situation changes, I will be taking up the vanlife.

what's your favorite part about it?

I own the title for my home, and I can move it anywhere I want, lol. It’s freedom. Only things that ties me down to a specific area right now are my kids. Daughter has 2 years of high school left. My son is wanting a van of his own, lol.


I too am waiting for a family change, but not looking forward to it. The family change, that is...I am locking forward to a life of freedom on the road




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Read a lot about the M1 chip and MacBook Air. Being a Apple laptop user myself, I'm waiting for the MacBook Pro. Hopefully even more powerful chip + all the other stuff that comes along with Pro. Still contemplating for the 14 or 16''. Am using a 13'' since 2013, but do like the larger screen of the 16'' but less comfy to travel with though. What made you to go for the Air instead of waiting until autmun this year for the Pro?

Well they already have the pro 13 inch. So I went for the air for a few reasons. One, and is the major one… 30W max power. That is important when you live the van life and have limited power resources… my solar panel is only 100w. Plus I need the smaller form.

The second reason was the price. I got it on sale for $850 brand new so, can’t argue with that, lol. There is also not that much difference between the 2 for me to pay the extra money. I used to work for Apple for years and know their little game on that, lol. The only difference in the air and the pro base levels is 7 core GPU vs the 8 core. Not enough for me to warrant the extra $300-$400. My main graphic usage is video recording and streaming, so far this thing is a beast.

3 my 2015 MacBook Pro’s battery is about dead, costs $400 to replace, so I sucked up the extra cost for a new unit. Needed something quick.

Sure, van life makes low energy consumption for equipment mandatory. The Air is a good machine, for sure. If I wouldn't need 32GB memory, I would've gotten myself the Air already. How cool you got one for 850$. The entry model is at least 25% more expensive in my country (Netherlands).

True, Mac Pro is out, but still with Intel chips. I'm waiting to replace my laptop with an Apple chip. Seen reports on M1 versus the latest Intel MacBook Pro showing M1 is equally fast as Intel, also for graphics, hence I expect a lot from the M1X or M2 or whatever name they gonna give to the chip for the Pro.

They have the MacBook Pro 13 inch with the M1. Starts at $1299. I went back and forth, but again the price difference… only difference is the 1 core difference on the GPU and it has a cooling fan where the air does not. That’s the only major differences that I saw. Plus for me, the MBP is still a 60w max draw. I’ll take the ‘last years’ model for the price, lol. Loving it so far. Been playing around with my OBS setup.

Ah ok, a Pro with the M1. Well, when I spend money for a Pro, I like the successor of the M1 for sure :) Since my last laptop is from 2013 and still holding, I plan to hold my next Apple for at least as long, ie I like high specs to be able to deal with everything. Currently have 16GB with much of it in use by mostly my browsers. Have 4 or 5 open all the time with 10s of tabs open all the time to do my work efficiently. That eats RAM. So next one shall get 32GB which should also give me the opportunity to do some photo editing, but foremost get a bit more serious in heavy graphics stuff, like video creation and editing.

OBS? That's the streaming setup you meant to say?

Yeah OBS is the streaming software.


Yeah the only reason I got a new computer was because it was gonna cost $400 to replace the battery on my current computer. And they have that deal so why not?

Also, hey man! I have a question.

I am launching a GoFundMe for my very first book that I'm writing (I wrote a post about it yesterday/the day before).

Would it be possible for me to list this on HiveList / Would HiveHustlers be willing to help me spread the word with a rehive? I'm not trying to get rich off of it - rather, I really just want to share my story, about my battle with addiction, depression, suicide, time spent in jail, and overcoming these odds and triumphing over them, turning negative situations into a positive lifestyle, through the power of cryptocurrency and leveraging all that crypto has to offer.

I feel like a project such as this would be an amazing accomplishment for me, personally, as I've always wanted to write my own book - but I also feel like this could also potentially help others. Hell, it might even help save a life - that would be something that would make my life feel like it had extra meaning, if I was able to share my own experiences to help show others that there is a way out from that lifestyle that I once thought was the only life there was to live. Sadly, it's just a path of doom and destruction, ultimately leading to death.

Let me know if we can chit chat - i'd be happy to pay royalties or what-not, I'm not really doing this for the money, rather, I'm doing this to spread the message and hopefully make some sort of impact in the world.

Cheers brotha!!

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I will be happy to reblog it, I have just been busy the last few days. When it’s done and you are ready to release it, we can put it on the Hivelist store. I am about to start loading it up with ebooks and trying to get music on it as well. So yeah we can do that. I have to get my book up on the store too, lol.