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RE: My Industrial Chemistry Experience working As An Intern

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I see that finding a first job is very difficult anywhere in the world... I have many colleagues who studied Industrial Chemistry and today they are dedicated to that. I studied chemistry at school, I also love the theoretical part. I think that being there collecting all the knowledge must be great, but it is good that you have realized that it is not your thing. Maybe later you ended up frustrated and angry with the chemistry 😅.


😆 not at all, I loved chemistry but it was something I didn’t see my self doing as a profession. I loved it as a subject not as a profession.

Industrial chemistry is a good job. I hope you do well there. I worked in water chemistry for a time and it was very challenging with respect to the schedules I had to work, but It paid me well. Best of luck.

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It certainly is, but the nature of my country, unfortunately they don’t appreciate good results, just nepotism.