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The Hawking Mat -


”Hawking mats are an outdated means of EM transportation. They are simple-looking, rug-like devices reminiscent of the mythical flying carpets of pre-Hegira Earth lore.

Unlike the Hawking Drive, the Hawking mat does not derive its name from the Old Earth physicist Stephen Hawking , but rather from the sport known as hawking or falconing.

Hawking mats are controlled by touching flight threads in a particular manner.

Hawking mats can also be programmed to follow certain routes or headings precisely, and presumably, the mat has either a guidance display or morphing thread pattern to inform the user of the input program or direction.

Most hawking mats have simple containment fields for keeping its passengers on and reducing the effect of high winds, and a top speed of around 26km/h, however, the Hawking mat used by Raul had been modified by Ouster technology and was capable of flight in excess of 300km/h, and could retain a standard charge for up to 1000 hours of use.”

(Source: https://hyperioncantos.fandom.com/wiki/Hawking_Mat)

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Very cool....where do i get one of these flying machines?