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I have decided to learn myself a new programming language. Shocking horror. The last time I did code something was just before the millennium :) If not mistaken this was in C. Yep, that's how old I am.
Now with the search for a new job opportunity it is time to invest into myself again. I did neglect way too long. There was always a good excuse, but I guess I ran out them.



So many languages to choice from. I could go for Java, probably the most used language at the moment. But due to the fact that I am always interested in data, I decided to give Python a go. Python is very well suited for data analysis. It would be great if I could build a football poisson prediction model before the summer is over.

I decided to use datacamp to learn the basis of Python.
Like always there are multiple websites which does offer the basis of Python for free. So, I did just pick one.
I am planning to study each working day for 0.5 hours. I know that this isn't a lot, but it is a start.



Good choice and good luck with it.


Python is a nice choice. I have to start afresh on python myself, haven't been practising my coding skills since I started writing.

Have to admit that the start was pretty easy, but that is also probably because I do work with developers all day. So already knew about types and lists. For me this is about using the right semantics.
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