MY Old wishes,What Really Happened,A Reflection On What life Can Be

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I still can't believe am actually writing this right now,but of all it is another perfect way of having a very deep reflection on what life as been so far.One of the things I can't really forget so quick in life is the level at which will all decide what will wish to become at some stage in life.

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Had a hard thought about life and I was like life on it own has a way of changing people's opinions at times. Their are many things I never wished to do at all in life,but one way or the other I finally have myself doing that.

Come to think of it,what as happened to our old dreams.

It is very clear that Many are actually away from what they use to dream of or let me say what they aim to become in life, honestly I agree that their are some stages in life whereby our wishes are not valid or solid,cause we make those wishes at those stage base on ignorance or imitation.

But what has happened to those that were Made with our full sense,I sincerely remember I wanted at every cost be a lawyer,but life was just too smart to divert my ways to another thing else,even despite working in the direction of been a lawyer at first,but still don't end up being one.

It is no longer a news that many are actually out and away from their Old wishes,With lot of people trying to navigate life inorder to still be of value to the society too, their is one thing that has actually makes me feel a little bit down.

why do most of our wishes at times goes without being accomplished.

Have tried my very best to actually look for answers to this as I have been able to come to a conclusion that 40% of people across the world right now are actually doing what they never thought of today.

Many dream to be something else,but one way or the other ends up being another thing which they didn't even think of at all,it is not really that it went bad for them also, but it was a wish they never had at all

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What are the things that might have changed our old wishes.

Honestly have decided to talk base on experience,but also little did I have to say as I can't just give a verdict base on my view alone.

Recently I got to understand that most of us made wishes base on happenings around us, neglecting our strength and ability at that point.One thing I got understand well enough is that our old wishes changed just because it was not base on our strength and understanding,it was base on what we see around us at that moment.

I vividly remember how they do ask us while in primary school what do we want to become and will just say something, just because you see them around you or you have watched them on the TV screen too.

It is now very clear that all those wishes then are not really base on our abilities and that is why many today are sincerely away from such wishes,even some do it base on imitation, trying to choose what a close friend of theirs are choosing too.

It is very important that we all understand how far our abilities and strength can take us,so that we won't end up having to Choose over and over again.


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