Let Reasons Together, Correct Me If Am Wrong

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Don't want to believe that am the only me who seriously believe in second chance,Yes I should not be the only one who has the mindset that everyone in life deserve a second chance irrespective of their mistakes.

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Believe me I sincerely believe that life system on it own should create a system that permit every individual to get a second chance irrespective of their mistake.

Who knows they might change for good and better

Though at times most user's misuse this opportunity as they do to take it for granted on most occasions,but to me I still sincerely believe people deserve another chance without judging them badly base on their first error.

Recently I came across a post from @onealfa where he talks about how well he as been functioning and doing well as regards curating of contents with his Staked power's and how bad he fumes against users who tend to farm token by abusing the use of tags


Honestly I sincerely fumes against this also as I don't support the farming of tokens with the use of tags and any other means,but on a contrary I have a sperate opinion and mindset towards this.

It keeps on running on my brain that;

Do all those find wanting in this area as are actually guilty of this.

Has the platform on it own provide a guide for it community members when it comes to the use of tags

The above questions was just running on my brain and thanks to #POBSTREET platform hosted by @insight.pob and @onealfa where the issue was raised again and I was able to give my opinion too;


"Abusing of tags is everywhere when it comes to how users at a times abuse tags for the sake of farming token,I remember I made such mistake a while ago putting the #lassecash on one of my content, without knowing fully well that I was not supposed to,but I got warned by someone in which I quickly went ahead and remove the tag.

But for some,they won't make amend and remove such tags,then with that it means such person did that on purpose.

On the other way I think it is very important that user's are educated on the use of tags.

And my question is do we really have a content that talks how to use tags?

I have not come across one since have been on the platform and have been using my initiative when it comes to tagging of content.

So I think that should be made known to users too..

I came across @onealfa.vyb content too last night talking about user that tries to farm token with the uses of tags.

So I think more enlightenment needs to be done on the use of tags too this days and people in that area needs to be warned to desist and if they don't not,just like @onealfa.vyb said a downvote or mute won't be a crime after warning them and they refuse not to stop it"

With the above contribution of mine in which I want to believe that am not really going astray with that and I sincerely think more should be done when it comes to the use of tags in the community.

Most user's who do this doesn't really mean to do them on purpose, should I say ignorance cause it,or let me say lack of proper knowledge as regards the use of tags.

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Honestly aside that I think it is high time that the community should come up with a guide on the use of tags so as to warn those who are vitcim base on their lack of knowledge in the community.

I sincerely believe that the honest one's should not suffer due to their lack of knowledge

Am also of the opinion that many users at times do that on purpose and I think lot of measure should be put in place to restrict users who engage in such act after been warned from; 👇👇

Getting vote on any content with tags abuse,just like it was stated by @onealfa.vyb that getting a downvote or muting such user from the community too is an ideal way to put an end to any users who don't desist from such act.

We can only have the community of our dream when will work hands in hands to keep it clean.