Assessing the proofofbrain community and saying my mind

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Time and season has a lot to tell on us and this happen especially when we are determined to understand that it takes time to actually catch up with things at times in life.

I don't go against the fact that different types of people adapt to life and it happening at times on time, unlike some of us who don't have such grace,but of all it Is of great importance that will all get the best from all our endeavour.

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Lot of things as been said about the proofofbrain community and honestly I have taken my time to access all that as been said and I can vividly say that the community is arguably the best of all communities.

Am very sure that not everyone will go with my opinion,but on the others hand,I sincerely believe that everyone has the right to what they say and what they think

Many time I talked to other users outside the community about my fear when it comes to the community and honestly I will be saying that yet again,the price of the token is sincerely the problem of many users in which I didn't dispute also,but on the other way round I have a different view when it comes to that.


How long will the community keeps on existing.

Want to believe that many might not see this as something to think about or look into,but definitely I sincerely have a view on that.

Even though I have no one to ask,but I still want to believe that @proofofbranio is definitely the best person to answer this question.

Hope all is maintenance development has a solid backing to keep the platform forever,if may say

Recently alot has been in place to actually make sure that the community keeps on growing, especially an initiative to bring a support system to the POB token(vyb) which I sincerely see as one of the best means of promoting this platform. But I still have the fear that for how long will this Community keeps on going.

Lot of investor as invested so much more in the community and I will say lot are still coming to make that they invest more too, sincerely I didn't see the community Falling ,but am of the opinion that what has @proofofbranio been doing to keep the longevity of the platform.


Irrespective of my fear when it comes to the community,I won't forget the fact that the community as severed as the best home for everyone.

One thing it as successfully accomplished is the love that exist between all users irrespective of where they are from,am of the opinion that the community as successfully won it all when it comes to bringing various people from the world together

Sincerely the community is a home for every tribe.


Recently I talked about engagement in the community, especially when it comes to the to the engagement rooms.

I still keep on asking has the proofofbrain Community engagement room lost his purpose,am still yet to really stand on this as I sincerely believe that the initiator still has more to do or give in terms of engagement in the community.

Nevertheless I won't over looked how well this group's has done in terms of keeping the conversations and interactions between users active till now.

Still want to believe that their is more to all what everyone can do when it comes to promoting the community best interest rather than going for what brings more to our pocket often and often too.

The proofofbrain community longevity is paramount to me and I want to believe it will be of great help if we all come one and come all to enhance it productivity by giving back to the community too .

What are you giving back to help the growth of the community!!!!!!!.

Above is a question you need to answer within you,are you giving back to the growth of the community?


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I strongly agree with you @firstborn.pob ProofofBrain is the best community i have ever seen, because when you look at it ProofofBrain gives room for everyone or anyone to enhance their brain and not only that why you proof your brain work you get back something in return.

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