Proved by science: Happiness can be learned

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Scientists from the University of Trento in Italy conducted an interesting experiment that proved that happiness can be learned.


Specialists organized trainings for a group of test subjects to increase life satisfaction and reduce anxiety and stress levels. The trainings were based on philosophy lessons and meditative practices.

Participants in the program attended classes for nine months at the Institute of Tibetan Culture, and throughout the experiment regularly studied presentations and video courses, as well as attended discussions about psychology and neurobiology.

During the meetings people discussed topics such as stress and anxiety, pain and pleasure, positive and negative emotions, desires and addictions, empathy and compassion.

As practical training, they were offered exercises developed by European and Oriental psychologists and philosophers, meditation, breathing techniques and journaling.

"The training we offered participants was inspired by an idea present in both Western and Eastern philosophical traditions: happiness is inextricably linked to finding inner balance, a kinder and more open view of oneself, others and the world, aimed at a better understanding of the human mind and brain" Nicola de Pisapia (one of the authors of the experiment)

Researchers found that people's psychological well-being scores improved throughout the course, and the focus group improved in their emotional regulation and became less likely to think negatively and experience anger.

Such is the research.

By the way, do you practice meditation?

Happy International Day of Happiness

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It is quite peculiar and interesting findings, but we can be happy without any training. Just do what makes you happy.