How much money is there in Canada?

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M1 Money Supply in Canada vs Household Savings Rate - 1 Year

5 years, you can see the expansion of the M1 money supply just in Canada is astounding.

25 years, the money supply has increased 98.02%

GDP is falling and the money supply continues to expand.


Personal Debt to GDP rose from 275% in 2019 to to over 304.10% in 2020.


We need to #FixTheMoney! I have written before about how they took the money out of our currency. The Bank Of Canada even offers a calculator that you can use to see exactly how much purchasing power your money has lost during your lifetime. Think of all the quality of living you could have if our money was worth anything at all, and yet it isn't. Mark Carney, former governor of the bank of canada and current governor of the bank of england says, if you cant trade your currency for goods and services then it is not worth the polymer it is printed on. What a joke it is to him!


What is a Cent?



I like looking at other counties M1 M2 and M3 money supply charts that went into hyper inflation...looks identical to Canada and this scandalous government.

Well we certainly need a war with China to make back the losses from this.