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Most people have been thinking of looking for ways to engage in a Community which can benefit them both in terms of investing and engaging. I can bet you today that the very first time I discovered proofofbrain, I was just too much excited. I have been using their tag without knowing what it entails. I'm pretty sure that most of you on hive have been using the proofofbrain tag without knowing if it is beneficial or not. This was my thought until a friend explain how I can get to hive engine to access the proofofbrain token.

So, if you are posting on proofofbrain, you are not wasting your time but you are making some proofofbrain token for yourself.

How Do I Know If I'm Making Proofofbrain Token?
I have discussed that in one of my write up
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So, when you always use their tag, there is benefit attached. You can access proofofbrain in where you can post directly which will also show in your blog on hive. So, don't worry about hive users not seeing your posts after posting using feel free to click on my write-up above to know the bit by bit process on how to know how much proofofbrain token you are having.

*"Is Proofofbrain Token Tradable?
Proofofbrain Token is indeed Tradable. This was the question I always ask when I was still a novice about how proofofbrain works, but thank God now that I have known the fact about this and will forever make use of proofofbrain tag as my first tag and also post either in their Community or using So, do not panic, proofofbrain is Tradable and can put a smile on your face when you have the token because it's market value presently is $0.168 as at today. I knew of someone who is seriously investing on proofofbrain token.
You can buy and sell your POB leodex


PROOFOFBRAIN has a total supply out there more than 21 million token which comes with a reward of author and curation ( author goes with 50% while curation goes with 59% making it 50:50). This is why when you post and have a certain amount of POB, it will be divided according to the percentage. Eg someone with 59 POB will end up having 25 POB in his wallet which is released after 7 days of maturity. This is similar to Hive which gives same 50/50 percentage, but recently Hass been changed to a reward of both Hive token, Hive dollar and Hive power, all of which are tradable. So, POB is burn to make ypur post promoted on the
You can trade by buying or selling POB on leodex




Staking POB
POB can be staked and installed if you want to. This comes with staking Reward, but when you want to unstake the POB token, it will take about 30 days. So, if you want to stake POB, you need to go to hive engine where you have to open the token and click on the stake icon. I have described how to carry this in my post which the link is attached to this post above.

Why should I Use The Proofofbrain Or Join Trade On The Proofofbrain?

This is a question in everyone's mind. I was equally having this same question not until I saw the reason to take part in this great It is advisable to join this platform as it is so good when you have POB. I was going through a write up about proofofbrain where the writer made mentioned of the price off POB been higher than hive since three months ago. As at this time, POB was $0.5 while hive was 0.23 or so. So, if POB can be of this high, why then would one not trade on it? POB has future and I will recommend you to invest on it with full benefits.

My Advice To Users Of Hive
Trade on proofofbrain today and you will not regret it. Engage on proofofbrain Community and you will have reasons to for your engagement.

This token is a growing token...

The second image is a screenshot from hive engine while the other three are screenshots from leodex

Thank you all for stopping by.

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