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My name is Akhere Akhimien but my friends call me AK. I live in lagos state. I attended university of benin. I'm also a graduate of computer science.

What other thing can i say about myself? oh age!

I'm 28years and light skin. I'm a christain . I'm from Edo state with strong family values, honest and a bit extrovert.



A very loving, caring, fun loving and good listener. I also love meeting new people. I'm hardworking and a happy guy who always appreciate his small wins.

I love dancing, listening to music, playing fooball, watching sports, talking sports and even go to radio stations to talk sports. I hang with my friends where i get to gist, laugh to relief my stress.


I'm very happy to join this great community, i will try to contribute to this community the best way i can

#introducingmyself #introducingyourself


Welcome. Just curious, how did you discover hive?

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Hi Akhere. Welcome onboard. Interesting introductory post. Glad to have you join us here on hive, on the best blogging platform on the interest. Been someone who is extroverted and would I believe love to associate with people, I trust you will have amazing time here.

It is necessary to note that apart from coming with interesting and quality contents, engagement is a great way to grow around here. In here you get to learn and also meet interesting and like minded people. Here is great learning environment as you get to familiarize yourself with lot of people from different background and culture. As a newbie it is important to subscribe to communities that might interest

Been a sports lover, I believe the sportstalksocial platform would be a great play to be has you get meet with lot of sports fans and enthusiast. As I said engagement over is very Vital just like every other social media platform. There is an engagement initiative run there where you get rewards for just discussing about. How cool does it sound? Do well to make it a day @amr008.sports. It is a nice place to be. Do well to visit the daily chat Group has time permits.

It also necessary to know that plagiarized contents are greatly frowned upon here. Do well to come up with only original contents and do the needful by sourcing your images and any addition you include on your contents. This is necessary so you avoid getting negative feedbacks in a form of downvotes from curators. The proper use of the right tags that relate any content is also a good one has it helps your post gain more visiblity in the right section for your post. Here is a link that would greatly help in getting an understanding of how things work over here. . Do well to take some time to navigate through it and around the platform to know how things work over here.

Looking forward to seeing more of you around and also to reading more of your sports and other interesting contents. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you feel lost over here. Enjoy your stay over here.

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