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RE: Part 1: Coding on Hive With Python - Setting Up

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Welcome to HIVE. I look forward to what you have to say about coding for HIVE. I think the HIVE Tutorial on builds in too many dependencies.

Since you are writing about coding in HIVE. I assume that you are already familiar with the platform. I checked your account on said that you had 0 HIVE POWER. Hive Power determine the resource credits for your account and you need resource credits so that you write posts and comments.

To get over this problem, I gave your account a 15 HP delegation. That should give you enough credits to write 16 posts. The credits refresh over a 5 day period; So, this should be enough to power the account.


Hi @yintercept,

Thank you for the HP delegation. That is very kind of you.

I have used as a reference many times. I found that I still spend time to fiddle and figure out how to achieve certain things. So I am looking forward to sharing some of the examples on this blog.

I will also cover HiveEngine, which has its own set of APIs.

What is your primary source on the HiveEngine API?

PS: I've read through the code on PyPi. Since I am not a Python programmer, I never felt comfortable downloading the code and running the script.

Yep, the hiveengine PyPi module is what I've been using for fetching HiveEngine token information. There is some limited documentation available. However, when getting started, I needed to ask another developer for help.