$39.99 Git Course free for the next 24 hours or so

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Found a $39.99 Git course on Udemy for the next 24 hours or so.

If you do any amount of programming, you need to know Git.

Why do you need to know Git?

Git is the most popular version control software used by developers world wide. Version control software allows you to create versions of your code and allows multiple developers to work on the same project while maintaining all changes to the codebase on each developers machine.

Basic git is fairly easy to get started but git quickly gets complicated when performance less common actions. There are also a lot of best practices to be aware of to prevent issues when working with other developers.

What does the course cover?

  • Git Basic Workflow
  • Reviewing changes
  • Using GitHub
  • Working with Remote Repositories

The course is only 2 hours long, so it won't teach you everything there is to know about git. It is more of a crash course to get you up to speed quickly.

If you are serious about learning git, I recommend the free online book Pro Git.

You have around 24 hours to go to Udemy and add this course into your library before it goes back to normal price. As always, I don't recommend ever spending more than $10-15 on a Udemy course, they are almost always on sale and generally way over priced when they are not. I also find a lot of Udemy courses are low quality although there are some really good instructors if you look for specific ones.

The free course can be obtained using this link


Your book link is in russian.

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Thanks. Fixed.


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Been lazy porting them, but it is on my todo list.

Enrolled, thank you for showing and bringing this to our attention. We definitely need to grow our knowledge


Thanks a lot man. I was looking for something like this. Will check it out today.🙂

Something I've wanted to know more about. Just got my free course!

Thanks for the link, I got the course and will do it as I what to store and hopefully share my better code.

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