Pokemon Team/Party Randomizer Red/Blue

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This is a Pokemon Red and Blue Team/Party Randomizer which Randomizes your Team/Party after every battle.
Quick Explanation what that means: After a Battle in which the opponent also could do something and when a switch in the battle occurs your Pokemon Team/Party gets Randomized which includes Random Moves and Random Pokemon which stats match a Pokemon caught with the same EVs, IVs and Level as your current Pokemon in your Team/Party.

The Idea came from the Youtuber Smallant1 and his Video Series
"Pokemon Crystal but every battle my team is random",
"Beating the Elite Four but every battle my team is random (Pokemon Crystal)",
"Defeating Red but after every battle my team is random - (Pokemon Crystal)",
but this project is entirely created by
me and is in no way affiliated with him.
It also has its own quirks to make this challenge run a new and interesting one.

Text tutorial on how to use the Programm:
1.Get the Bizhawk Emulator.
It allows for you to run the custom lua Programms like this one.
2.Get a Pokemon Red or Blue ROM.
I can't provide a ROM, but you found this site so you probably wont be having
any problem finding this one.
3.Extract the files and open Emuhawk.exe Drag and Drop the ROM first into
the Window and Then the Programm.
4.Have fun playing :)

Programm Download: https://github.com/JumpyWizard-projects/Pokemon-Team-Randomizer-Red-Blue/archive/master.zip

For an upcoming video tutorial and images of the programm visit my website:https://jumpywizard.lima-city.de/

For an explanation of the code visit:https://jumpywizard.lima-city.de/Code%20Explained.html

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