a method of getting ttyd working on windows.

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Id just like to share a method i figured out in terms of getting ttyd (a web based terminal) running under windows with minimal dependencies
first things first you will need ttyd you can find the windows binaries attached to this issue. https://github.com/tsl0922/ttyd/issues/101

will also need winpty from here https://github.com/rprichard/winpty/releases (download the msys2 x64 release)

then extract both to the same folder like so

(for the tar.gz use something like 7zip to first open the gz then open the tar and then copy the contents of the bin folder and paste them into the same folder as where you extracted ttyd-x64.zip)

Once you extracted both and your folder looks similar to mine its time to start the process open powershell inside the folder and then run the command .\ttyd.exe "cmd" this will launch the webterminal

open the url http://localhost:7681 in your webrowser of choice

your window should look something like this.

finally run winpty powershell

finally your window should look like this.
This last step in setting up the proccess is important because without it some programs wont show up inside the web terminal.


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I might follow this up with how to get cordless and telegramtui running