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RE: Part 1: Coding on Hive With Python - Setting Up

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Ok. I've already got Visual Studio Code installed. It's probably not the latest version though as it was installed a couple of years ago. Not sure if that matters.

I did a search for Python on my computer and found an app (in Windows) Python 3.8 (64-bit).

What do you mean by "terminal"?

When I did the cmd prompt I got this:


No mention of python and no idea what this means . . .

If your OS can't find Python make sure it's on your environment PATH.

However, it probably isn't important because, when I click on the Python 3.8 app I got a popup so I typed in import this s per your instructions and then got The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters so I'm think I'm all set. 😊

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Cool! Glad you got it working.

It shouldn’t be necessary to prefix the command with “cmd”.